Your Eight Primary Goals For Life


These primary goals will provide the required boost for the accomplishment of your life’s destiny. They should be read or written out daily in order to help you maintain focus and the power to achieve your life’s mission.

  1. Being – This is about your spiritual nature and daily commune with your Creator. It is a discovery of yourself and getting to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are. Are you congruent; do you do what you say you will do? What will you do in order to be in tune with yourself?
  2. Time – Discipline is required in order to ensure that you spend your time wisely. It is important to factor in time alone with yourself and adequate rest periods. You can never regain the time you lose today, tomorrow; and time squandered can never be replenished. How much time do you want to devote to the other primary goals categories mentioned in this study?
  3. Associations – Harness your most important relationships regularly, especially your family, followed by your master-mindpartners (like-minded people that you have chosen to associate with for the realisation of specific desires and/or goals). Are there any associations that are not in line with your dream’s accomplishment? How can you limit their influence? Decide how you will attract, retain and protect the relationships that are beneficial to you.
  4. Intellect – This is the daily development of your brain by study and thinking processes. Reflect with positive and possibility thinking. How do you want to develop yourself? Is it with books, movies, videos etc? Do you want to put a structure to it? How regularly do you want to exercise your brain?
  5. Body – Those things that will help your body function properly, such as the need for daily physical exercise and careful selection of one’s food intake (don’t become a fanatic though). What will you do to enable your body serve your dream life?
  6. Money – Make a statement of how much moneyyou want to earn (or give away, wisely) within a specific time period. Have specific knowledge and be conversant with your income and outgoings. Avoid the ‘guestimate’ syndrome, which causes you to think that your income is greater than what it actually is, and/or your expenditures are less than what they actually are. Write down what is believable to you.
  7. Recreation – This is the time for fun and relaxation. This could be with family, friends, self or however way it works for you. Create time to enjoy the life you have. It is an expression of gratitude. Decide how regularly you wish to unwind and what money and time you will put towards it.
  8. Legacy – This relates to the thoughts one has towards the development of one’s community with a heartbeat that echoes ‘I must leave planet earth in a better state than I found it’. So, think of the things that you do; will they provide lasting benefit to your corner of the world?

To your dream’s accomplishment!

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