How Do You Deal With Your Frustrations?


“To remain as you are denies who you can be” (Larry Jones)

It is not unusual to get doses (or sometimes, full chunks) of frustrations, and they always come at the wrong time! These frustrations come in varying dimensions and frequency. They could be released through family, work colleagues, external parties, technical systems, such as phones, the internet, printers (as I have just experienced), and the list can go on.  Those who understand how to deal with these are able to greatly achieve their set desires.

Some people naturally pour out their frustration on other people, whilst others remain calm and resolve the issues without risking damage to their relationships with family, friends, colleagues and subordinates; as well as equipment!  It is always recommended, as far as possible, to STOP, and avoid unnecessary headaches!

Use “EMO-SHIFTS” – I have learnt to use these to deal with frustrations as well as to maintain a continued happy state of mind. My view is that life is too short to fill with all those things that other people worry about, as these things eventually pass away.

“Emo-shift” is a word that I have coined from two words, being ‘emotion’ and ‘shift’.  These are certain things that can help transform your emotion from a state of sadness to that of joy. For example, one of my usual ways of quickly restoring happiness within my emotions is usually through singing certain songs that I like (not aloud as I have to avoid affecting other people’s ears who may think differently of my singing “talent”)! Another one is creating a vivid image of my dreams and seeing myself in that place of living my dreams in my mind’s eye!

Make a list of your own ‘emo-shifts’, for example they may include the following: a pictorial vision, such as that of an ocean – this can induce a peaceful state of mind; a perception of your dreams; an imagination of the realisation of a goal; the picture of a baby that you love; and so on. Maintain a genuine pleasant personality, as it has the power to attract the good that you have imagined to you.  Your emo-shifts are the ones that will work for your personality, so you have the responsibility to discover/create those that work for you.

Life is relatively too short to fill your mind with those things that other people worry about!

To your dream’s accomplishment!

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