The Power Of Focus


“Success comes to those who become success conscious. Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become failure conscious.” (Napoleon Hill)

Did you know that the thing one focuses on expands? If you focus on success, it will become reality and it will surely expand. It will be at the fore-front of your thought process and will introduce ideas to you of how you can attain your dreams. In the same manner, if you focus on fearful defeat and failure within your mind-set, it is likely to respond to your innermost ‘invitation’.

The question that may follow the foregoing paragraph may then be ‘how do you control those negative thoughts that come uninvited into your mind?’ In the course of this short write-up, the answer should become clear to you.

People are usually prone to focus on their weaknesses in an effort to eliminate these faults. Sadly, the result is that the more focus they direct towards the elimination of these faults, the higher the probability that they will get ‘rewarded’ with unwanted repeated errors, which further disheartens them.

An option to this focus on the elimination of weaknesses is that you strive to recognise your strengths and put your best effort to the achievement of your favoured activities. The good news with this option is that you can be so consumed by the activity required of your strengths that you no longer have ‘time’ to take note of your weaknesses and subsequently these are eliminated. I do not insinuate that you “sweep” these weaknesses “under the carpet” and pretend that they do not exist – continue to work towards their elimination but redirect your best strength towards your favoured activities.

To your dream’s accomplishment!

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