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  • Self-Managing WorkGroups

    In the 1980s and into the early 1990s the Japanese worker participative concept that they called Quality Control Circles (also known simply as ‘Quality Circles’) swept the industrial world globally. It seemed that we were witnessing a work life revolution on a massive scale everywhere. Unfortunately, in the West, this revolution was short-lived. There were multiple reasons for this which are explained in this book.

  • The Nigerian Dream

    The Nigerian Dream is about having your own personal dream and living it in spite of the many discouraging and difficult factors in the country. It is a call to action for every Nigerian and lover of Nigeria, so that we can jointly build a nation that becomes our pride as well as the envy of other nations. This book will help anyone to induce a dream and walk towards the realization of the dream!


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  • Dream and Achieve

    A lot of times, people are able to determine what they do not want, but struggle to home in on what they really want? Do you fall into this category of persons?


    Do you wonder why some people tend to be happy in what they do, become rich and are able to contribute to the welfare of others, while some others wonder why they exist at all?


    With this book, Dream and Achieve, I am calling you to come on a journey as a fellow traveller, so you can discover and determine your own destination that is true to you.


    eBook reading options: You can read this online after payment via the download link and/or the eBook attachment.

    Dream and Achieve

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  • Kaizen for Personal Growth Development

    This book comprises nine steps that make the difference to a restart of a hoped for journey. It helps to pick you up from wherever you are and for the reader to identify where they want to get to and you find a worthy companion with the book as you continue the walk of your life. It is filled with personalised stories that readers can relate with.

  • Rich Country Poor People

    Nigeria is a country marked by extreme social and economic paradoxes. It is rich in material wealth but large swathes of its people are poor! Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has grown remarkably but its citizens suffer poor quality of life. It is a major producer of crude oil, with huge reserves of mineral and agricultural resources, the base for industry, but Nigeria’s manufacturing sector contributes little to its wealth. Nigeria is rich in human capital but it has little endogenous technological capacity. This country should boast very high living standards but rather its infrastructure is poorly developed and inequality is proportionally high. The promise at independence was that of prosperity but it has long been replaced with befuddling despair that characterizes fragile states.

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